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2022-10-31: News Headlines

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-31). Turkey in Talks With Russia, Ukraine on Resuming Grain Deal. Russia has pulled out of a Turkey and UN-brokered deal that allowed grain exports to leave Ukraine's Black Sea ports in response to a drone attack against the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. In an attempt to revive the deal, the Turkish Defense Ministry said that the Turkish defense minister, Hulusi Akar, is speaking …

Infobrics (2022-10-31). Growing Appeal of BRICS Heralds Formation of a Community for Common Development. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa told the media that Saudi Arabia is considering joining BRICS, the grouping of the five emerging economies Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa…

Staff (2022-10-31). Liberan al preso más antiguo de la base naval de Guantánamo. Saifullah Paracha, de 75 años, fue trasladado al centro de detención en 2004 tras su captura en una operación del FBI en Tailandia. A Paracha, que en ese momento tenía 56 años, se le acusó de haberse reunido con Osama bin Laden y de haber ayudado a los orquestadores del 9/11 a "facilitar las transacciones financieras y la propaganda".

Jeffrey D. Sachs (2022-10-30). Biden's Foreign Policy Is Sinking the Congressional Dems—and Ukraine. The proxy war between the U.S. and Russia is devastating Ukraine, ironically in the name of saving Ukraine.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-30). Italy Supplied Ukraine With Dozens Of Self-Propelled Howitzers, Two Rocket Launchers. An M109L battery of the Iralian 52th Regiment firing, October 30, 2007. By Wikimedia user Totonninix. | Italy supplied "20 to 30" M109L 155 mm self-propelled howitzers to Kiev forces as part of its fifth military aid package to Ukraine, the La Repubblica newspaper reported on October 30. | The M109L is an Italian-made development of the American M109 howitzer. The M109L was upgraded with a 39 caliber long-barrel gun to replace the original 23 caliber barrel of the American M109. The new gun can fi…

En.mehrnews (2022-10-30). Kremlin sets preconditions for Putin-Biden talks. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — If the US is ready to address Russia's concerns regarding security, it could be a platform for Putin-Biden talks, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov says.

____ (2022-10-30). At least 151 killed in stampede at Seoul's Halloween festival. At least 151 people have died from a stampede following a massive turnout for the Halloween weekend in Seoul's Itaewon neighborhood, AP reported.

Zero Hedge (2022-10-30). In Stunning Strategy Reversal, Pentagon Will No Longer Rule Out Use of Nuclear Weapons Against Non-Nuclear Threat.

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-30). Russia Says US Lowering 'Nuclear Threshold' By Upgrading Nukes in Europe. A Russian official said Saturday that the US is lowering the "nuclear threshold" by sending an upgraded version of its B61 nuclear bomb to NATO bases in Europe. The B61 is the US's primary thermonuclear gravity bomb, and it is being modernized into a newer weapon known as the B61-12. Politico reported last week that …

_____ (2022-10-30). Ukraine: Will US Back Off As Russia Did On Cuba? Sixty years ago today (October 28) the U.S. and Russia stepped back from the brink of nuclear war by making a deal. Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev would yield to President John F. Kennedy's demand that Soviet missiles be removed from Cuba; Kennedy pledged not to invade. There is an instructive analogy with Ukraine today. | Soviet documents that were revealed after the USSR imploded show how this all went down — and how we all would have "gone down," literally, were it not for the statesmanlike behavior of both leaders and their acute realization of the stakes involved. | Some of what I include below is dra…

Editor (2022-10-30). Russia's 'dirty bomb' scare. Russia appears to be legitimately concerned about the possibility of Ukraine building and using a "dirty bomb," so much so that it has taken the unprecedented step of reaching out to multiple senior Western defense authorities.

_____ (2022-10-30). Noam Chomsky: Neoliberalism And The Roots Of Fascism. World-renowned linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, essayist, and political activist Noam Chomsky returns to The Chris Hedges Report to continue their discussion on contemporary fascism, the war in Ukraine, and the tasks of the left in a time of ecological and political crisis. Noam Chomsky is the author of more than 150 books on topics that include linguistics, the press, the inner workings of empire, and the war industry. He is a Laureate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Arizona and an Institute Professor Emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His books include Hegemony or Su…

Dave DeCamp (2022-10-30). Flurry of Drones Attacks Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Crimea. A flurry of armed drone aircraft and boats attacked Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, Crimea, on Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry said. The Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement that Ukraine carried out the attack, which involved nine aerial drones and seven unmanned boats. The ministry said both military and civilian vessels were …

____ (2022-10-30). Bionic bird drone developed by China's university makes breakthrough. "Yun Xiao," a flapping robot bird developed by Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) in northwest China, was capable of flying for upmost 123 minutes continuously at one time, which was confirmed by a professional institute, said the university on Wednesday.

Staff (2022-10-30). The New York Times asegura que Ucrania fue el autor de los ataques contra buques rusos en Sabastopol. Las Fuerzas Armadas de Ucrania lanzaron el ataque con drones de este sábado contra los buques rusos de la Flota del mar de Negro, que se encontraban en el puerto de la ciudad de Sebastopol (Crimea), asegura el diario estadounidense The New York Times.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-30). NATO Planned a Preemptive Strike on Russia Using the Cover of a French-Led Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean. Sonja Van den Ende New U.S. Army command in Wiesbaden to coordinate war support for Ukraine. [Source:] Revelations further underscore mendacity behind Biden administration claim that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked POLARIS 21 was a large-scale French naval exercise in the Mediterranean that took place from November 18 to December 3, 2021, off the island of…

Sonja Van den Ende (2022-10-30). NATO Had Plans for a Preemptive Strike on Russia Using the Cover of a French-Led Naval Exercise in the Mediterranean. Revelations further underscore mendacity behind Biden administration claim that Russia's invasion of Ukraine was unprovoked POLARIS 21 was a large-scale French naval exercise in the Mediterranean that took place from November 18 to December 3, 2021, off the island of Corsica between France and Spain. Officially, the aim of the training was to test the …

Paul Joseph Watson (2022-10-30). Dem Congressman Says Arming Ukraine Is About Protecting Woke Values.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-30). Russia ready to replace Ukrainian grain. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — Russia is ready to completely replace Ukrainian grain on the world market, Deputy Speaker of the Federation Council (upper chamber of the Russian parliament) Konstantin Kosachev said.

Mike Whitney (2022-10-30). Washington's Plan to Break Up Russia.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-30). Antonov blasts US reaction to Sevastopol terrorist attack. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — The reaction by US authorities to a terrorist attack on the port of Sevastopol is appalling, Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov said on Saturday.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-30). Russia to host 16th Joint Economic Commission with Iran. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — The 16th Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission will be hosted by Russia from October 30 to November 1.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-30). Iran-Russia Joint Economic Commission working groups begins. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — The meeting of the working groups of the 16th Joint Economic Commission of Iran and Russia started in Grozny, Chechnya, in the presence of experts from different working groups to examine the capacities of cooperation.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-30). Russian Airstrikes On Central Syria Killed Or Wounded 17 ISIS Terrorists This Month. Russian Su-25 attack aircraft take off from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria © Dmitriy Vinogradov / | At least four terrorists of ISIS were killed and 13 others were wounded in central Syria over the past 30 days as a result of Russian airstrikes, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on October 30. | According to the London-based monitoring group, Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) warplanes carried out more than 145 on the terrorist group's hideouts in the region during that period. | Most of the te…

____ (2022-10-30). Russia's Progress MS-21 cargo spacecraft successfully docks with ISS. Russia's Progress MS-21 cargo spacecraft successfully docked with the Russian segment of the International Space Station (ISS) early Friday, the website of Russia's state space corporation Roscosmos reported.

____ (2022-10-30). China launches new experimental satellite. China on Saturday sent a new satellite into planned orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China.

____ (2022-10-30). 196 million tons of carbon quota traded on Chinese market. The cumulative trading volume of carbon quotas on China's carbon market reached196 million tons as of last Friday, with a cumulative turnover of 8.58 billion yuan($1.19 billion), an official said on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-30). World's largest duty-free store opens in Hainan. Haikou International Duty Free City Shopping Complex, the world's largest stand-alone duty-free store opened in South China's Hainan Province on Friday.

____ (2022-10-30). China to redouble efforts to develop digital economy. China will redouble its efforts to develop the digital economy, the State Council said in a report submitted to the ongoing session of the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee for review Friday.

____ (2022-10-30). Saihanba, China's 'Green Miracle'. Sixty years after the establishment of the Saihanba Mechanical Forest Farm, a new generation of forest rangers is starting a new chapter.

____ (2022-10-30). China expects to see over 1 million TCM personnel by 2025. By 2025, the number of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) personnel in China's medical and healthcare institutions will surpass 1 million, according to a TCM-related talent development plan.

____ (2022-10-30). Two tombs discovered in Shanxi. Two tombs from the late Spring and Autumn Period (770 B.C.-476 B.C.) have been discovered at a cemetery site in Wenxi County of north China's Shanxi Province, announced by Shanxi Provincial Institute of Archaeology on Thursday.

____ (2022-10-30). Vocational skills competition held in NE China. The first Vocational Skills Competition of Liaoning Province kicked off Thursday in Shenyang, capital of China's Liaoning Province, with more than 1600 contestants competing in drilling on eggs, industrial internet engineering technology, unmanned aerial vehicle installation and maintenance, benchwork, furniture making and other contests.

____ (2022-10-30). Chen Jining appointed Shanghai Party chief. Chen Jining has been appointed the secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China after approval by the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the Xinhua News Agency said on Friday.

____ (2022-10-30). China's Type 075 amphibious assault ships 'can form task groups with aircraft carriers, landing ships'. The Type 075 amphibious assault ships of the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Navy can reportedly form task forces by joining up with aircraft carriers, amphibious landing ships and other warships, which experts believed can enhance their amphibious assault capabilities.

____ (2022-10-30). China's first Smart BESS Charging Station put into operation. China's first Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Charging Station has been put into operation in Ningde City, located in southwest China's Fujian Province. The station combines energy storage, electric vehicle charging, and electric vehicle testing service together.

____ (2022-10-30). China tests high-thrust liquid oxygen-kerosene engine for manned rocket. A high-thrust liquid oxygen-kerosene engine designed to power China's new-generation manned rocket has completed a 300-second fire test, marking a breakthrough in the development of engines for the country's new-generation manned rocket.

____ (2022-10-30). China opens more sectors to foreign investment. China on Friday issued a new catalog of industries where foreign investment will be encouraged, opening more sectors to foreign investment.

____ (2022-10-30). China revises animal husbandry law. China's National People's Congress Standing Committee on Sunday passed the newly revised Animal Husbandry Law to boost the green development of the industry.

____ (2022-10-30). China's civil service exam sees fierce competition. China's civil servant exam, or guokao, is seeing fierce competition, as the most sough-after vacancy sees a competition ratio of 1,318: 1, with another 1,024 people waiting for application qualification review as of Thursday, the third day after applications started.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-30). The Struggle Against Neofascism from Italy to Brazil. Peoples Dispatch MSt leader Joà£o Pedro Stedile with militants of Potere al Popolo. Giuliano Granato of Italian left party Potere al Popolo talks about the need for solidarity between the people of Italy and Brazil as neofascism rises Members of the Italian left party Potere al Popolo met Joà£o Pedro Stedile, of the Landless Rural…

Staff (2022-10-30). U.S. interceptor missile ship, carrier strike group in NATO maritime warfare drill in Mediterranean. U.S. Sixth FleetOctober 28, 2022 The Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Leyte Gulf sails in formation with Albanian Coast Guard ships ALS Lissus and ALS Butrinti for the NATO-led vigilance activity Neptune Strike 22.2 (NEST 22.2), Oct. 17, 2022. NEST 22.2 is the natural evolution of NATO's ability to integrate the high-end maritime warfare capabilities of …

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-30). Asesinan a dirigente del partido de Lula en Jandira, Brasil. El político fue postulado por el Partido de los Trabajadores a diputado federal por el estado de Sao Paulo en las elecciones legislativas pasadas.

TeleSUR -mcs, JCM (2022-10-30). Inician investigación sobre asesinato de Eric Jean Baptiste en Haití. El secretario general del partido Agrupación de Demócratas Nacionales Progresistas, Eric Jean Baptiste, fue asaltado por individuos armados en Laboule.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-30). Indepaz reporta asesinato de líder social en Cauca, Colombia. El crimen se produce 24 horas después del asesinato de la lideresa social Yeimi Chocué también en el departamento del Cauca.

TeleSUR, gao, SH (2022-10-30). Colombia registra 157 asesinatos de líderes sociales en 2022. El defensor del pueblo de Colombia denunció que han ocurrido 48 asesinatos más contra líderes y lideresas comunitarias que en igual periodo de 2021.

____ (2022-10-30). EU approves effective ban on new fossil fuel cars from 2035. The European Union struck a deal on Thursday on a law to effectively ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035, aiming to speed up the switch to electric vehicles and combat climate change.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-30). American Global Leadership Has Brought Catastrophe, Not Prosperity. Rainer Shea The global economic collapse that will soon be in full effect in the USA, and that's already come to the UK, is the latest manifestation of how the destruction imperialism causes comes to afflict the imperialist countries themselves. This always happens when an imperial order is in decline. The destruction that the oppressors…

____ (2022-10-30). NASA's InSight lander detects waves on Mars. Image made available by NASA on Oct. 27, 2022 shows the boulder-size blocks of water ice are seen around the rim of an impact crater on Mars, as viewed by the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE camera) aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

____ (2022-10-30). Xi stresses advancing rural revitalization in inspections to Shaanxi, Henan. Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed advancing rural revitalization across the board and striving tirelessly for achieving agricultural and rural modernization.

____ (2022-10-30). Cradle of Civilization: Qujialing Site.

____ (2022-10-30). 300-meter high valley-spanning cableway bridge built in Chongqing. A 300-meter high cableway bridge in Chongqing went viral on the Internet.

____ (2022-10-30). Virtual rowing competition held in Shanghai. A Virtual Rowing Invitational of the Shanghai Virtual Sports Open (SVS) was held Thursday.

____ (2022-10-30). (W. E. Talk) He Huaihong: What kind of human civilization do we want. Comparing the beginning of human civilization with the modern age, humans have indeed achieved unimaginably tremendous achievements in modern times, especially in material and technological aspects. But there is also a challenging fundamental problem. As the foundation and indeed an indispensable priority of human beings, material civilization has become the superstructure and the highest value goal in the modern era. It seems all accomplishments need to be measured by material gain and all human ingenuity should be invested in causes that promote material achievements. If improving humans' ability to make and us…

____ (2022-10-30). Nearly 20,000 dinosaur egg fossils collected at Heyuan Dinosaur Museum. Nearly 20,000 dinosaur egg fossils have been displayed at the Heyuan Dinosaur Museum since the first dinosaur egg fossil was dug up in Heyuan, Guangdong Province in 1996.

____ (2022-10-30). Chinese immigration authorities track down almost 19,000 suspects in Q3. Chinese immigration authorities investigated and handled 10,953 criminal cases involving obstruction of border control in the third quarter this year, with a total of 18,851 suspects tracked down, said the National Immigration Administration (NIA) on Friday.

____ (2022-10-30). 3 Chinese killed in Halloween stampede in Seoul. Three Chinese nationals have been confirmed killed in a stampede that occurred Saturday night at Itaewon, a district in Seoul, during Halloween gatherings, the Chinese embassy in South Korea said Sunday.

Staff (2022-10-30). Opositores bolivianos intentan tomar importante planta petrolera del país. Manifestantes afines al opositor y gobernador de Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, se enfrentaron con petardos y piedras a las fuerzas policiales, que mantenían la seguridad de la planta. A partir de ello, vecinos de la comunidad salieron a contrarrestar las acciones desestabilizadoras.

Staff (2022-10-30). Canciller cubano reitera responsabilidad de Estados Unidos en la migración irregular desde la isla. El diplomático señaló vía Twitter que la aceptación de "quienes arriban, la Ley de Ajuste Cubano y el bloqueo económico incentivan la migración irregular y a quienes lucran con el tráfico". La víspera el Ministerio del Interior informó sobre la colisión de una lancha rápida estadounidense con una unidad de superficie de Tropas Guardafronteras.

Staff (2022-10-30). Unión Eléctrica pronostica para este domingo un déficit de 946 MW en horario pico. La máxima afectación en el horario de la noche fue 1004 MW a las 19: 20 horas, coincidiendo con la hora pico, de ellos 50 MW por los daños ocasionados por el huracán Ian. El servicio quedó restablecido a las 04: 15 horas de la madrugada de hoy y a las 06: 30 horas se comenzó a afectar nuevamente el servicio.

Staff (2022-10-30). Canciller mexicano cuestiona enfoque intervencionista en política exterior de Estados Unidos. El canciller mexicano, Marcelo Ebrard, cuestionó el habitual enfoque intervencionista en la política exterior de EE.UU. respecto a países latinoamericanos regidos por gobiernos con los que tiene diferencias políticas. México jamás podría acompañar ese enfoque, "por definición", subrayó Ebrard. México respeta el derecho a la autonomía en su política exterior.

Staff (2022-10-30). Framber Valdez controla emociones, lanza joya y Astros derrota a Phillies para igualar Serie Mundial. Los Astros derrotaron 5-2 a los Phillies el sábado por la noche en el Minute Maid Park apoyados por el bateo madrugador sobre el abridor y remataron con seis entradas y un tercio de sólo cuatro imparables, nueve ponches y una carrera admitida de Valdez.

Staff (2022-10-30). Declaración Final del XXII Encuentro Internacional de Partidos Comunistas y Obreros. "Solidaridad con Cuba y todos los pueblos que luchan. Unidos somos más fuertes en la lucha antiimperialista, junto con los movimientos sociales y populares, frente al capitalismo y sus políticas, a la amenaza del fascismo y la guerra; en defensa de la paz, el medio ambiente, los derechos de los trabajadores, la solidaridad y el socialismo"

Staff (2022-10-30). Elecciones Brasil 2022: dos proyectos antagónicos y una región en vilo. Cuatro años después, la elección que no pudo darse en 2018 porque uno de los dos candidatos fue proscripto y enviado a prisión, se realizará finalmente. Ahora sin un juez que oficie de árbitro, como ocurrió con Sergio Moro, exministro de Justicia de un gabinete castrense y actual asesor del militar-presidente, Jair Bolsonaro.

TeleSUR, JCM (2022-10-30). Rusia se retira del acuerdo de exportaciones de grano de Ucrania. Moscú afirma que la decisión se relaciona con una acción terrorista contra su flota en el mar Negro, de la que acusa directamente a Kiev y Reino Unido.

Staff (2022-10-30). La tira de los lectores: Mi foto de las palmas cubanas. Hace unos días la convocamos y hoy regresa La Tira de los Lectores, para homenajear a Camilo Cienfuegos a través de imágenes de ese árbol tan autóctono que es la palma. Recuerda que puedes comunicarte con nosotros a través del correo o mediante nuestros perfiles en redes sociales.

Staff (2022-10-30). Messi fue premiado en la Ligue 1 e ilusiona a la selección Argentina camino al Mundial Catar 2022. El astro argentino Lionel Messi, futbolista del París Saint-Germanin (PSG), fue premiado como mejor jugador del mes de septiembre en la Ligue 1, y recibió el galardón en la previa del encuentro que su equipo venció al Troyes por 4 a 3. De esta manera ilusiona a la selección Argentina con sus últimas actuaciones.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-30). Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is Elected President of Brazil. Brasil de Fato Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is the first former Brazilian president to be elected to serve a new term in office. At 7: 57pm, the PT candidate had 59.563.912 votes and could no longer be reached by his opponent, the current occupant of the Planalto Jair Bolsonaro (PL), consolidating the victory. Luiz Inácio…

Staff (2022-10-30). Rusia pone sus condiciones para un posible encuentro entre Putin y Biden. Peskov indicó al respecto que Estados Unidos debe de escuchar las preocupaciones de la parte rusa y discutir los proyectos de documentos presentados a Washington y Bruselas antes de iniciado el conflicto en Ucrania. "Me refiero a los borradores de los documentos que se presentaron tanto en Bruselas como en Washington", detalló.

Staff (2022-10-30). Agricultores sin frenos en Liga Élite del béisbol cubano. Con oportuno imparable de Yosvani Alarcón en el final del octavo inning, Agricultores venció 4×2 a Centrales para mantenerse en la cima de la I Liga Élite del Béisbol Cubano, que hoy inició las terceras subseries particulares. Por otro lado Ganaderos venció 6×3 a Portuarios, y Tabacaleros 14×6 a Cafetaleros.

Staff (2022-10-30). La historia de Julio Emilio tras Ian: Cuando la sonrisa es coraza. Julio Emilio es un joven de estos tiempos, lleno de las esperanzas de su generación, esas que a veces palidecen por un entorno adverso para su materialización; que mantengan en la paleta colores vivos para el futuro dependerá en gran medida de que vean cómo palabras y proyecciones se transforman en realidad.

Staff (2022-10-30). El peruano de Islas Canarias. En el Museo Antropológico Montané, de la Facultad de Biología de la Universidad de La Habana, se encuentra expuesta al público una pieza denominada "El Minero Peruano", la cual en su inicio se pensó que era de Sudamérica debido a la posición supina que presentaba el cuerpo cuando fue hallado en una mina de Perú.

Staff (2022-10-30). Cuba obtiene cuatro medallas en Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Química. Cuba obtuvo una medalla de oro, dos de plata y una de bronce en la XXVI Olimpiada Iberoamericana de Química 2022 (OIAQ), que sesionó en Ciudad de México, en la modalidad virtual. Los cuatro cubanos que compitieron en ese certamen anual, donde participan estudiantes de España, Portugal y de países de América Latina, resultaron ganadores.

Staff (2022-10-30). Que levante la mano la guitarra, libro y documental de Víctor Casaus, será presentado en Argentina. El libro y documental Que levante la mano la guitarra, del poeta, narrador, periodista y cineasta Víctor Casaus, será presentado el próximo martes 1ro de noviembre en el Centro Cultural de la Cooperación Floreal Gorini, en Argentina. Casaus asistirá a la presentación que tendrá como moderadores a la presidenta del Espacio de la Fraternidad Argentino Cubana.

Staff (2022-10-30). Perú impone multa a Repsol superior a los 10 millones de dólares. El Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental (OEFA) de Perú anunció publicamente este sábado la imposición de una multa de 42.000.000 de soles (unos 10.500.000 dólares) a la petrolera española Repsol por brindar información falsa y no actuar consecuentemente tras un derrame de crudo a mediados de enero pasado.

Staff (2022-10-30). Egipto llama a no usar la economía como pretexto para incumplir los compromisos climáticos. Egipto, que será anfitrión de la próxima Conferencia Internacional sobre Cambio Climático COP27, ha pedido a los países participantes de que no utilicen el "pesimismo económico" como excusa para un posible retroceso en las promesas climáticas.

Staff (2022-10-30). Fiesta en Brasil: Lula es presidente otra vez. Tras soportar lawfare, cárcel y persecución, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silvavolvió a ser electo presidente en Brasil.Con un 50,83 % sobre Jair Bolsonaro, que obtuvo 49, 17%, se celebra la victoria de la democracia.

Staff (2022-10-30). Reconocen a trabajadores de la Salud que atendieron a lesionados en base de supertanqueros de Matanzas. Este sábado fueron reconocidos muchos de quienes tras el incendio en la base de supertanqueros de Matanzas acompañaron el quehacer del sistema de Salud en su esfuerzo incansable por defender la vida, subrayó en su cuenta en Twitter el ministro del sector José Angel Portal Miranda.

Staff (2022-10-30). Brasileños vuelven a las urnas tras una de las campañas más tensas en la historia del país. Los colegios electorales abrieron nuevamente en Brasil este domingo a las 08: 00, hora local, para la segunda vuelta electoral que disputan el mandatario de tendencia ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro y el exgobernante Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Staff (2022-10-30). Ganaderos derrota 8 carreras por 1 a Portuarios. Ganaderos derrotó 8×1 a los portuarios en 9 entradas. El éxito quedó en poder José Ramón Rodríguez Menéndez y el revés en Raymond Figueredo Cruz. El triunfo correspondió al abridor José Ramón Rodríguez Menéndez, quien en 7.0 innings aceptó una limpia, 4 hits, 3 ponches y 3 boletos.

Staff (2022-10-29). NATO could deploy nuclear warheads to Poland: official. Polish RadioOctober 28, 2022 Poland interested in joining NATO's nuclear sharing program: official Poland is interested in joining NATO's nuclear sharing program, a Polish presidential aide has said. …according to the Polish president's top foreign policy aide, Jakub Kumoch, Moscow "rendered invalid" a 1997 NATO-Russia agreement prohibiting the deployment of permanent NATO forces in Eastern …

____ (2022-10-29). IAEA inspectors to visit Ukraine on 'dirty bombs' allegations. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are on their way to visit two facilities in Ukraine after Russia's "dirty bombs" allegations, chief of the UN nuclear watchdog said here Thursday.

_____ (2022-10-29). Biden Orders Progressives To Denounce Themselves On Ukraine. "But as legislators responsible for the expenditure of tens of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars in military assistance in the conflict, we believe such involvement in this war also creates a responsibility for the United States to seriously explore all possible avenues, including direct engagement with Russia, to reduce harm and support Ukraine in achieving a peaceful settlement." October 24, 2022 letter from congressional progressives to Joe Biden | Congressional "progressives" are cowards and charlatans. They may actually believe in some of what they claim to espouse but at the end of the day they are more opp…

_____ (2022-10-29). Noam Chomsky: Ukraine, Climate Crisis, And Declining Empire. World-renowned linguist, philosopher, cognitive scientist, essayist, and political activist Noam Chomsky joins The Chris Hedges Report for the first of a two-part interview. Chomsky has been a vocal critic of the $47 billion dollars in military aid the US has sent to Ukraine—an amount that equals the total budget of the State Department and exceeds the paltry amounts the country has committed to the fight against climate change. In a wide-ranging discussion, Chomsky and Hedges discuss the current war, the rising tide of global fascism, the climate catastrophe, and the role left to public intellectuals in an…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). US Sends Fewer Arms to Ukraine as Russia Prepares its Next Big Move. Update on Russian military operations in and around Ukraine for October 29, 2022 — Front lines have stabilized as Ukraine's offensive momentum grinds into positional fighting; — Russian forces are preparing the defense of Kherson and likely only to give up the city if something goes wrong; — Ukrainian and Russian forces were until recently…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). Russia Suspends Participation in Grain Deal Following Ukrainian Terrorist Attack. Moscow has halted its compliance with a grain deal with Kiev, brokered by the UN and Turkey, after Ukraine launched a major drone attack on ships involved in securing safe passage for agricultural cargo, the Russian Defense Ministry announced on Saturday. In a post on its Telegram channel, the ministry said, "In view of the…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). Russian Defense Ministry Report: Terrorist Attack on the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. Today at 4.20 am, the Kiev regime carried out a terrorist attack against the ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships that were on the outer and inner roadsteads of the Sevastopol base. The attack involved nine unmanned aerial vehicles and seven autonomous maritime drones. The prompt measures taken by the forces of the Black…

Anonymous669 (2022-10-29). In Video: Russian Drones Destroy Ukrainian Buk-M1 Air Defense System, M777 Howitzer. MOSCOW REGION, RUSSIA JUNE 25, 2019: A ZALA Lancet-3 attack drone developed by Kalashnikov Concern on display at the Army 2019 International Military Technical Forum at Patriot Park. Marina Lystseva/TASS | On October 29, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a video documenting two recent strikes with Lancet loitering munitions on the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). | The first strike hit a Soviet-made Buk-M1 medium-range air-defense system, while the second targeted a U.S.-made M777 155 mm t…

En.mehrnews (2022-10-29). VIDEO: Russia destroys Ukrainian air defense with drone. TEHRAN, Oct. 30 (MNA) — Russia's Ministry of Defense has published footage showing how Russian Lancet UAVs destroy Ukrainian M777 howitzers and a Buk M-1 anti-aircraft system.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-29). Iran urges Kyiv not to be affected by European politicians. TEHRAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) — Iranian Foreign Minister once again rejected Western countries' allegations of sending drones to Russia for use against Ukraine, saying that Ukraine should be careful not to be influenced by some extreme European politicians.

Anonymous669 (2022-10-29). In Video: Russia' TOS-1A Thermobaric Rocket Launcher Hits Ukrainian Fortifications In Donbass. On October 29, Russian news sources shared footage documenting the work of the TOS-1A thermobaric rocket system against the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). | The footage shows a TOS-1A system targeting a network of fortifications of the AFU on the Donbass front. The system fired three thermobaric at the fortifications, which were built deep in wooded areas. The results of the strikes are yet to be known. | The TOS-1A, which built around the T-72 battle tank chassis, can be armed with up to 24 unguide…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Russian Missiles Destroyed Base Of Foreign Mercenaries In Zaporozhie, Ukraine. On October 29, a powerful explosion thundered in the city of Zaporozhie which is currently under control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The city outskirts were hit by Russian missiles. | Soon after the explosion occured, the Ukrainian media reported that a critical infrastructure facility was destroyed. | According to Vladimir Rogov, member of the Main Council of the administration of the Zaporozhye region, the missiles hit the Zaporozhye aluminum plant, where the base of the "Foreign L…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Military Situation In Ukraine On October 29, 2022 (Map Update). Russia struck the AFU positions near Kharkov with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Vodyanoye with high-precision missiles; | Russia struck the AFU positions near Andreyevka with high-precision missiles; | The Russian Army repelled the AFU attacks near Ivanovka; | The Russian Army repelled the AFU attacks near Chervonopopovka; | Clashes between the Russian army and the AFU continue near Davydiv Brid; | Clashes between the Russian army and th…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Military Situation In Kharkiv Region, Ukraine, On October 29, 2022 (Map Update).

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). Major Protest in Prague Demands Resignation of Government, Decrying its Support for Kiev and Anti-Russia Sanctions. Union demonstrators are shown protesting against soaring inflation earlier this month in Prague. © Getty Images / Sean GallupÔøº Tens of thousands of demonstrators filled Prague's central square, on Friday, to decry rampant inflation amid the Czech government's support for anti-Russia sanctions and aid packages to Ukraine. They called for direct gas talks with Moscow…

Staff (2022-10-29). 'Ready for all possible scenarios': Brzezinski inspects U.S. warplanes in Poland. Polish Press AgencyOctober 24, 2022 Poland, Nato prepared for worst scenarios amid Ukraine war says PM Poland and Nato are ready for all possible scenarios when it comes to threats from the East, Mateusz Morawiecki, the Polish prime minister, has said. On Monday, Morawiecki along with Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak and US Ambassador Mark Brzezinski, …

Kyle Anzalone (2022-10-29). White House Approves 24th Weapons Transfer to Ukraine. The Joe Biden administration said the Department of Defense will send $275 million in arms to Ukraine. The shipment is the twenty-fourth since Russian forces invaded in February. The White House has provided Kiev with tens of billions in military aid. The Pentagon press release says the latest transfer will include ammunition for High Mobility …

Editor (2022-10-29). What accounts for the war lust among American Liberals? This past June, Senator Bernie Sanders' foreign policy adviser Matt Duss (an alumnus of the Saudi- and UAE- funded Center for American Progress) published a widely discussed essay in The New Republic in which he declared that American liberals and progressives need to prioritize expressions of "solidarity" with Ukraine over policies that might put an end to the bloodshed.

Aaron Maté (2022-10-29). Dennis Kucinich: where are the pro-peace Democrats? Dennis Kucinich on the Congressional Progressive Caucus' Ukraine letter debacle and how to revive the US peace movement at a time when elected progressives are afraid to take a stand against war. Dennis Kucinich, who led Congressional opposition to the Iraq war, reacts to the Congressional Progressive Caucus retracting a letter calling for diplomacy with Russia. "If we don't believe in diplomacy," Kucinich asks, "then where do we go as a country?". Guest: Dennis Kucinich. Former Congressmember (D-Ohio) and former …

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Moscow Suspended Grain Deal After Attack On Black Sea Fleet In Sevastopol. On October 30, Russia suspended its participation in the implementation of previously reached agreements on the export of agricultural products from Ukrainian ports. The U.N.-brokered Black Sea grain deal aimed at export of Ukrainian grain is halted. | The Russian Ministry of defence claimed that the decision was a response to the

Vijay Prashad (2022-10-29). The West Must Stop Blocking Negotiations Between Ukraine and Russia. By Vijay Prashad — Oct 25, 2022 | Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. This war has been horrendous, though it does not compare with the terrible destruction wrought by the US

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Military Situation In Eastern Ukraine On October 29, 2022 (Map Update).

Brian Berletic (2022-10-29). LIVE: Ukraine Conflict Escalations and China's Future with Brian Berletic.

Caitlin Johnstone (2022-10-29). The Official Narrative On Ukraine.

Kyle Anzalone (2022-10-29). Putin Blames West for Killing Ukraine Peace Deal in March.

Vanessa Beeley (2022-10-29). False flag in Ukraine, Iran protests, Palestinian Intifada, Israeli attacks against Syria. UK Column News 29th October Mike Robinson, Patrick Henningsen, Alex Thomson (former GCHQ) and Vanessa Beeley.

Contributing Writers (2022-10-29). The War in Ukraine: Made in Washington Not Moscow/ By Mike Whitney.

Editor (2022-10-29). Czech Protesters Rail Against Inflation, Sanctions and the Ukraine Proxy War.

En.mehrnews (2022-10-29). Russia suspends participation in grain deal: MoD. TEHRAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) — The Russian Defense Ministry stated on Saturday that Moscow is suspending participation in the grain deal, which foresaw the transportation of food and fertilizers from Ukrainian ports via the Black Sea.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). NATO in the Amazon: Petro Plays with Fire. Roger D. Harris So Com commander Laura Richardson meeting with Colombia President Gustavo Petro NATO recently expanded to Sweden and Finland, has been de facto incorporated in Ukraine, and may extend to Georgia. Now, NATO's entry into the Amazon is in the works under the aegis of newly elected President Gustavo Petro of Colombia. NATO is a primary…

Anonymous767 (2022-10-29). Russian Forces Launch Offensive Towards Ugledar. On October 29, Russian forces resumed active offensive operations towards the town of Ugledar in the western part of the Donetsk People's Republic. The advancing forces have already engaged pro-Kiev troops around the village of Pavlovka (Pavlivka) and southeast of Ugledar itself. | Russian Ka-52 attack helicopters, Su-25 and Su-34 warplanes were reportedly involved to support the advance. Russian artillery, including Solntsepek systems (multiple rocket launcher capable of using…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Military Situation In Syria On October 29, 2022 (Map Update). On October 29, Russia reported that Idlib militants violated the ceasefire regime in Greater Idlib 3 times: 2 in Latakia province, 1 in Aleppo province; | On October 29, SAA artillery shelled positions of Turkish-backed forces in Maarat al-Naasan village; | On October 29, clashes between the SAA and Turkish-backed forces were reported in the Kafr Ama area; | On October 28, one SAA serviceman was killed as a result of Turkish shelling in the Raas al-Ain area…

Anonymous103 (2022-10-29). Putin At Valdai Explained His Ideology. Written by Russia's President Vladimir Putin, speaking at the Valdai International Discussion Club meeting on October 27th, gave a speech that described his ideology, and he took questions from the audience and answered further regarding a number of highly important issues. | Everything that he said there is consistent with what he has previously stated, but th…

En.mehrnews (2022-10-29). Putin, Aliyev, Pashinyan to meet in Sochi. TEHRAN, Oct. 29 (MNA) — Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijan's President Ilham Aliyev, and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan will hold trilateral talks in Sochi on Monday, the Kremlin said in a statement on Friday.

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). British Navy Involved in Nord Stream 2 'Terrorist Attack'. UK forces participated in an operation which damaged Europe's energy security Units of the British Navy were involved in a "terrorist attack", which destroyed the key Nord Stream gas pipelines, the Russian Defence Ministry alleged on Saturday. The preparation of this terrorist act and the training of military personnel of 73rd Marine Special Operations Center were…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). The Message from China's Party Congress. M. K. BHADRAKUMAR Xi Jinping (left) with new politburo standing committee members Li Qiang, Zhao Leji, Wang Huning, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang and Li Xi at a meeting with media, Great Hall of People, Beijing, Oct.23, 2022 The highlight of the recent 20th National Congress of the Communist Party (CPC) of China has been the…

Joe Piette (2022-10-29). Philadelphia protest opposes developers plans targeting Chinatown. Philadelphia Billed as a chance to "network and shmooze with Philadelphia's top real estate developers and professionals," the Jewish Federation Real Estate (JFRE) meeting Oct. 21 became, instead, an opportunity to protest gentrifiers' plans to build a $1.3 billion, 18,500-seat NBA basketball arena in Chinatown. Jonathan Leibovic speaks at a . . . |

____ (2022-10-29). Hong Kong woman dedicated to traditional Chinese wedding dress in Guangdong. Longfeng Gua, a traditional Chinese wedding dress with patters of dragon and phoenix, is popular in south China's Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. It takes about 9 to 18 months to make a wedding gown based on the amount of embroidery crafted on the dress.

____ (2022-10-29). CPC reshuffles Shanghai Party chief. The Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has decided that Li Qiang no longer serves as the secretary of the Party's Shanghai Municipal Committee. Chen Jining has been appointed to the position.

____ (2022-10-29). New salt-tolerant rice strain completes yield testing with an output of 5 kg per mu in E.China. The field yield testing for a new high-quality salt-tolerant rice strain "Yanhuangxiangjing" was completed in Dongying in East China's Shandong Province, with an output of 5.1 kilograms (kg) per mu (0.06 hectares)…

Internationalist 360 ∞ (2022-10-29). Guinea's Plight Lays Bare the Greed of Foreign Mining Companies in the Sahel. Vijay Prashad Guineans gather on the streets of Conakry after the coup of September 2021. Photo: Xinhua Over a year after the coup in Guinea, the military government is unable to construct a viable agenda to exit the country's dependence on foreign mining companies. In the meantime, the protests for a return to democracy are…

Alan Minsky (2022-10-29). No Person of Conscience Can Sit Out this Midterm Election. Democracy and the very principle of a Society of Equals are on the ballot—and, yes, it's about the Economy too.

____ (2022-10-29). At least 13 die in southern Philippine flash flood. At least 13 people died on Friday and more others were missing after a strong overnight downpour flooded a number of towns in Maguindanao province in southern Philippines, a local official said.

Staff (2022-10-29). Cubadebate estrena uso de inteligencia artificial para la redaccion de noticias deportivas. Desde hoy Cubadebate implementa en su sitio web el uso de la inteligencia artificial para la generación de noticias sobre béisbol, en asociación con el proyecto CompAI. Este es resultado de los proyectos de innovación por los que Cubadebate fue premiado en 2020 y 2021 en el Festival Nacional de la Prensa.

Staff (2022-10-29). El tiempo: Tarde cálida y escasas lluvias. Estará con poca nubosidad en gran parte del archipiélago, excepto en zonas de la costa norte, del centro y el oriente, donde estará parcialmente nublado. En la tarde estará parcialmente nublado en todo el país, llegándose a nublar en algunas localidades de la región oriental con aisladas lluvias, que serán escasas en el resto del país.

Staff (2022-10-29). Unión Eléctrica pronostica una afectación de 975 MW para el horario pico nocturno de este sábado. La Unión Eléctrica estima para la hora pico una disponibilidad de 2095 MW y una demanda máxima de 3000 MW, para un déficit de 905 MW, por lo que de mantenerse las condiciones previstas se pronostica una afectación de 975 MW en este horario.

Staff (2022-10-29). Publica Gaceta Oficial de la República resolución que norma reproducción asistida en seres humanos.

Staff (2022-10-29). Concentrar esfuerzos en la recuperación de las viviendas.

Staff (2022-10-29). Londres dejará de importar gas natural licuado ruso en enero de 2023. El año que viene, los británicos no solo dejarán de importar ese producto desde Rusia, sino que también se proponen ayudar a otros "países de todo el mundo a reducir su propia dependencia" del gas ruso, promete la cuenta de la Cancillería en Twitter. De esta manera se pretende cortar "los fondos de Putin", según declara el tuit.

Staff (2022-10-29). Bolsonaro es el responsable del "aislamiento de Brasil" en el mundo, advierte Lula. El expresidente Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva responsabilizó hoy al mandatario de tendencia ultraderechista Jair Bolsonaro del aislamiento que enfrenta Brasil. " øQué vas a hacer para reinsertar a Brasil en el mundo?", preguntó en el último debate entre los dos candidatos antes de la segunda vuelta de elecciones del domingo.

Staff (2022-10-29). Philadelphia Phillies anota espectacular victoria en el primer juego de la Serie Mundial. Philadelphia se levantó de un 0-5 para llevarse el primer choque del Clásico de Otoño, apoyado en gran trabajo de su defensiva y del pitcheo. La atrapada de Nick Castellano en el noveno inning evitó la derrota y el jonrón de JT Realmuto les dio la ventaja que fue definitiva.

Staff (2022-10-29). Qué trae la prensa cubana, sábado 29 de octubre de 2022.

Staff (2022-10-29). Informe de Bloomberg señala que Europa no puede confiar en el gas de EE.UU. para cubrir escasez del próximo año.

Staff (2022-10-29). Mambises de Acero en Pinar del Río.

Staff (2022-10-29). Del Times Square y hasta Naciones Unidas: Gran marcha en Nueva York para exigir fin del bloqueo. La manifestación en la que participan más de un centenar de organizaciones solidarias, se realizará desde el icónico edificio Times Square y hasta la sede de las Naciones Unidas, como preludio a la votación de la resolución en la Asamblea General de la ONU sobre la necesidad de poner fin al cerco unilateral de Washington, a celebrarse entre los días 2 y 3 de noviembre.

Staff (2022-10-29). El Sol no es amarillo: Su verdadero color se desarrolla a través de millones de años.

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